About the game

Your government has purchased a chain of exotic islands in the Pacific, at an exceptionally high price. You have sailed in seven ships loaded with equipment and technology. Your goal is to develop the islands, make them into ‘heaven on earth’, and create a powerful, innovative economy.

Archipelago is a negotiations game of interactive goal achievement. It's a simulation of a reality in which each participant makes an impact and is affected by everyone else at the same time.


We split the group into 7 smaller groups- islands of ambitious investors. If groups are bigger than 50 persons we put forth a second or third etc Archipelago to accommodate everybody!

Each island is a unique producer of products or services that are essential to the entire archipelago’s existence. Each island supplies its product to two islands and uses products or services from two other islands. Each one of them seeks to increase its production capacity, by buying improved production resources (upgrades). During the game, each island seeks to increase its production capacity by buying additional upgrades from the central bank too.

The game is played in 5-minute rounds, which simulate a business cycle of one month. All islands get a numb start which soon climaxes in a frenzy of selling or buying Upgrades, a real Stock exchange atmosphere!

Test your team's negotiations skills & above all their cross-functional cooperation.....

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