About the game

Year 2563. Mankind is an interplanetary species. Your mothership is on a mission of discovering new worlds. Each time the mothership needs to replenish its energy and food storage, it sends small ships on different planet surfaces to gather food and materials.

It takes too long to get the small ships back on board before the mothership departures again. 

Can you help?


The game is a problem-solving activity with the teams competing on solving as many Armada riddles as possible. The Armada riddles are represented with spaceships and the mothership on a grid. Each riddle differs on the configuration of the spaceships on the grid.

The goal of the teams (consisting of 6-8 persons each, seated around a table) is to find a way to put all the ships in the mothership following certain rules. Once a team solves a riddle, they have to apply its solution on a huge canvas with the players representing the spaceships in only 10 seconds' time!

The teams can buy more riddles by gaining space “money” from parallel activities.

The team with the most points gained from Armada riddles solved will be the winner of the day!

Game Images