Battle Bingo - Home Edition

About the game

Battle Bingo - Home Series is a totally renewed version of the classic Bingo game that can be played remotely.

The rules are simple. Each time you answer a puzzle, you will get marked one of the symbols on the game card. Shout BINGO when you have made a combo (row, diagonal, or a full card) and win prizes!


This game is played on two platforms: the Loquiz app on mobile devices and a video conference app such as zoom, teams, etc.

Using the game's presentation, the host controls the game's pace and shows the puzzles. To create a full game show experience, turn to players randomly after a riddle is solved and discuss it shortly, delivering the right answer and throwing in a joke. The game fits various group types – companies, families, individual users, 10- 1000 participants at the same time.

The goal of the game is to win one or more of the 5 prizes available (ranging from very small prizes to the “grand prize”). By default, the players who reach the highest scores win the prizes.

However, there’s a special twist to the game. Regardless of scores, if someone completes a unique sequence on the Bingo card (row, column, diagonal, frame, and full card) before others do, this player can ‘steal’ a prize from the top five scorers.

The tasks are visual and as a default based on pictures, a big advantage when playing the game among players based in different countries.

The content of the tasks includes a variety of topics such as sports, popular science, popular culture, and much more.

The game is easily adjustable and personalized.

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