About the game

It's 2068. The world is in despair! Solar flares have destroyed 78% of the electronics on the planet.

You and your team of investigating scientists are hired to turn on the one and only Helium 3 reactor that will start a chain reaction and provide free and clean electricity around the world.

Can you find the bits and pieces of information needed to unlock and start the reactor before it's too late?

All the documentation that can help you unlock the reactor is in your hands.


This is an indoor/outdoor or fully indoor based game.

It is based on Loquiz combining the physical prop “Magic Box” that offers physical modules for the teams to interact.

The game comes with a full set of physical and digital riddles, as well as geolocation tasks (on Loquiz).

Teams need to finish the game in a specific amount of time, or they fail the mission.

Each team uses 1 smartphone or tablet and gets one Magic box.