Games that matter conferences in Tallinn - February 2024

Nobody is too small or too big to enjoy the benefits of gamification!

We are happy to invite you to our gamification conferences this February.

We've chosen 2 dates (Feb. 14th and Feb. 21) so you can choose the one that's suiting your busy schedule!
Both conferences will carry the same content so you won't miss anything choosing one or the other.

Why attend
  • Meet the people behind some of the most powerful gamification events and get the insight on how to pull it off in your business
  • Experience the power of gamification firsthand and have fun being exposed to games that matter
  • Get inspiration and concrete ideas for how to enjoy the benefits of gamification for significant impact on topics such as:
  •  Sales and marketing
  • Engaging brand partners
  • Strategy alignment
  • Corporate culture
  • Leadership development, teambuilding
  • Safety and risk management
  • Behavior and soft skills training
  • Lean thinking
  • Recruitment and onboarding

Some of our recent examples of gamification services:
  1. Strategy alignment for hybrid global event for 1000+ participants 50+ locations
  2. Event for 2000+ brand partners from all over the world visiting Los Angeles. The participants were engaged with the game starting before they left home and during the total stay including outside location based game and inside game for the expo.
  3. Game for Global safety day for 1000+ participants on 10+ locations onshore and offshore
  4. Game for entertaining and making people spend more time in the small shopping center.
  5. Leadership game in adventure park for 30-1000+ participants
  6. Educational game for making school children move more, learn more and socialize more - while using their smart phones

"Our mission is to help you become extremely successfull at your line of business by providing the best solutions for training and developing your most valuable asset, your people!"

About the Venue

We'll be hosting our workshops in TALLINK SPA & CONFERENCE HOTEL


Centre of Tallinn, Sadama 11a, 10117 Tallinn

Registration and participation

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